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Occasionally we search for How to fix a broken fingernail. It must have happened to all of us that you have come out of the salon by manicure and after a while your nails are broken. it's not about the nail We can understand how much it hurts.

Now you have two options, either you cut off the nail in anger or think of fixing it. We're telling you, some easy tips, so you can add your tote nails.
it's not about the nail to repairing broken fingernails without glue

Professional nail spa do it yourself just follow the steps: essie care

Step 01: For this, you must first clean your nails. Keep in mind that the nails are not polished, not top or base coats.

Step 02: File the nails slowly with the help of a glass or crystal file, but also keep in mind that they are not broken.

Step 03: Cut a tea bag or paper coffee filter into a small patch that can cover broken nails.
Step 04: Now coat the broken nails with a clear polish.

Step 05: Place the trimmed tea bag on a broken nail part until a clear nail polish is set. You can use a tweaker to keep the T-bag right on the nail.

Step 06: Now let it dry and then cover the nail with a clear polish.

Step 07: When the clear polish dries, put the nail polish of your choice on it.

So many girls use nail glue to fix broken nails. I don't prefer that method. 
How I fixed my broken nail using items found around the house this is a really old trick I learned in nail tech school and I know tons of people have already made a video on this ages ago but not everyone knows how to do this so I figured why not make a tutorial but anyways why don't we get started the main items you will need are a nail buffer nail or superglue and a tea bag
first cut a small piece of the tea bag measure it on your nail to see if the size is right mine was a little too big
so I'm going to cut it in half next apply a small amount of glue over the broken area of the nail then place a strip of tea bag over it so that it soaks the glue up make sure to place it over the broken part and carefully press down so that it dries flat now use some nippers to remove the excess
I'm going to apply another blob of glue onto the nail and spread it around a little with a toothpick if you get any glue on your skin I found that most of it comes off after a hot shower once everything is dry use the nail buffer to buff and smooth out the surface after you're done the nail will be really smooth and evened out and the broken part will be protected by the tea bag and glue now apply your manicure as usual and you'll be good to go this has held up really well for me only one time I had to reapply some glue since I completely slammed my finger in the wall since

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