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Here are some awesome beauty and the Aesthetic beach Beauty tips. Enjoy! 

For great beach waves, create your own beach spray that costs pennies and works wonders. Simply add some salt into a spritz bottle with some warm water and a couple of drops of essential oils. Spray hair and braid loosely, alternating one braid inwards, the other outwards. Let dry naturally and undo elastics. Use fingers to tousle for a final touch.

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If you have less time, spray hair with a heat-protecting spray such as the Heat Tamer Spray by Tresemme. Use a large-barrel curling iron (at least 1.5'). Section the hair into 4 parts and alternate the direction of each curl. You can take fairly large pieces of hair and the result is a beautiful wave. Finish with spray. I love the Climate Control Hairspray by Tresemme as it holds style well in humidity yet may be brushed through. Check out www.tresemme.ca.

Even darker skin tones need UV protection so never forget the sunblock. A shot glass amount is perfect for the whole body. Make sure to apply on elbows, behind the neck, feet, and behind the ears. I love the Ombrelle SPF 45 Clear Continuous Spray (www.garnier.ca.) It is great for sensitive skin and perfect for hard-to-reach spots. It lasts for hours. Dermatologist recommended. 

A little bronzer goes a long way. I love the Matte Bronze by M.A. C for the face. I find the shimmery shades look great on the body. Apply to where the sun would naturally hit your face forehead, nose, and chin, swirl the remnants in an upward motion just under the cheekbones. I also like to always add a little to cleavage, and décolletage. Check out www.maccosmetics.com. 

For more coverage, I love Face Atelier (www.faceatelier.com). It truly is amazing. It has a primer built right in and stays put even after a swim for a flawless complexion. 

For eyes, I tend to forgo eye shadow and just apply waterproof mascara. I love the LashBlast 24 by CoverGirl (www.covergirl.ca). It volumizes, separates, and lengthens lashes and is completely waterproof. It can be easily removed with makeup remover. The price is great as well.

Blush is always a necessity for me. For staying power, I love to use stain. BenefitS Posie Tint looks amazing on darker skin tones and can be used on lips as well. Simply apply to the apples of the cheeks with the little brush and blend. Apply to lips (www.benefitcosmetics.com).

Best Tip — Put a little ice pack in your makeup case to prevent makeup from melting. 

I hope you have enjoyed these tips. Have a great time at the beach and stay tuned for more coming SOOn!

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