Hair Fall Treatment - Cause and Solution

I'm going to give you some brief information about Hair Fall Treatment that claims or actually causes hair regrowth. Now the first thing that I want to tell you and you need to remember is that hair fall is not one single problem. There are literally tens of problems or diseases or underlying causes that can cause your hair to fall out. 

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It is very very important before you rush to that website or look at that ad and order that costly product. Go to your dermatologist get your hair checked out if need be get some tests and that your doctor orders and find out the cause of your hair fall. if you find the right cause. it's very simple in most cases to treat hair loss in a few months.

You can have your hair back and there are certain cases in which hair growth is sometimes not possible or takes a very very long time, take slightly different treatments. So to find all this out basically what I'm trying to tell you is before you spend your money on hair loss treatments which there is no dirt off on the internet or in the newspapers. Please go to your dermatologist have your scalp checked out and then decide what is going to work for you. What is it because one size does not fit all.

According to the cause of hair fall, there are many many different treatments in general for example if the commonest type of hair fall that we see is in young women and in those cases most of the times it might be a hormonal problem or it might be a nutritional problem. So if there is a nutritional problem then two-three things to remember about hair is what does hair need to grow it needs protein, it needs iron, it needs calcium, and vitamin D. 

So if you take these in good amounts and also essential fatty acids for which good sources are nuts and legumes proteins good sources are animal proteins. There's lean meat white meat eggs chicken etc for vegetarians. You can go to paneer or cheese's or pulses drom these kind of things. You can even take a take a protein supplement. So if nutrition is the problem that often is then taking care of iron protein intake essential fatty acids and your calcium and vitamin D in two or three months. If you take care of this I am certain that your hair fall will come under control.

If it doesn't then please remember quoting your dermatologist there are many many effective treatments available but none of them are the ones that are advertised very widely. These are proprietary drugs and you need to talk to your doctor. I'm sure they will be able to help you out. 

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