Beauty Works Hair Extensions Are Designed With Professionals

Beauty works hair extensions, how to blend hair extensions in your natural hair especially if your hair is short in length like mine. If your hair is long then it's great as your beauty works hair extensions will be able to blend your hair more easily with these tricks, in this tutorial you will understand everything starting from how to put the extensions hair and how to blend them properly.


Beauty Works hair extensions are designed with professionals in mind.

First of all, let ME tell you guys what all things you will need first to beauty works hair extensions, you will need a hairbrush to make your hair tangle free.
Second is the rat comb which helps in sectioning of the hair but you can use your fingers as well if you don't have a rat comb.
Also, this rat comb helps in back combing your hair which you will see next, you will need hair clippers to keep hair separate while putting the extensions. Most important is the beauty works hair extensions, of course, it's in my shade. So make sure you buy your own color although I didn't buy these online but still will provide you links from where you can buy such extensions, but I got these from a beauty store so that I could get the correct color as the online purchase could be of different natural hair colors and also sadly Amazon doesn't provide return feature for such hair extensions.
If you don't have the option to get them from the beauty store then only get them from online websites. Inside of the wig which means the back side of the extensions have these tic tac clips these are 5 clips extension as they fit perfectly from one side of the head to the other. But you can get 3 or 2 clips one as well which are perfect too so don't worry.
Lastly, you will need a curler to curl your hair if you are using curl extensions and your hair is straight and not curly like the extension. If you don't have a curler, you can curl your hair perfectly using flat iron as well.
First of all, Comb your hair properly and make them tangle free then take your rat comb and start sectioning off the hair, here I am taking the bottom section that is in the back.
first, we will do backcombing of hair combined with a rat comb so that extension clips can stay there longer.
After that we are gonna put the beauty works hair extensions in the section, starting from the middle clip and then going both sides. Then take your rat comb once again and take another section of hair of about 1 or 2-inch width right above the first section and then repeat the same steps as before which was backcombing and then putting the hair extensions in.
This way you have to keep taking newer sections one by one and do backcombing and apply extensions in here I have clipped in three extensions till now, Now I am at my crown area.
Once you have clipped your crown area extension, you will have this much of your natural hair visible clearly.
Set them however you like, either in middle parting or side parting according to your choice.  Then take your curling iron and curl away all the straight natural hair visible in front and back, I am gonna curl some of my back hair as well, that too because they are clearly visible but that's just the upper layer which is visible and not the ones under that.
This is how your fuller hair look is gonna be like As you can see they are pretty well blended by now Make sure to take the correct color because the difference in color won't make your hair look natural. If your hair is colored then you can get extensions according to that color as well online. Try to use natural hair colors beauty works online.
Well, I clipped my beauty works hair extensions till my crown area but it's not necessary, I just like a fuller look so I pin them till my crown area. As you can see you won't be able to see any clippings or anything visible from outside
If you apply extensions for the length purpose then you can do like I did.
I used a total of 4 here and each cost me about 300 RS So make sure you buy accordingly. Everybody thinks including me that one extension is enough to get natural long hair's but trust me, I did a lot of hits and trials
then only I learned that you need more than 2 to get fuller looks. If you just want the extension to give you a fuller ponytail or braid then you won't need more than 2.
Also, I mentioned before about 2 or 3 clip extensions, they can be used on the crown area I used 5 here, but when you use just 3 clip ones, you can get a full look on the crown and not worry about the sides fuller look.
I am not sure if beauty works hair extensions are washable or not, but I will try it out and update you guys in the comment section below.



Can you dye beauty works hair extensions?

Can I color my hair extensions? Human hair can be colored, but we do not recommend it. Any coloring of the hair extensions is done entirely at your own risk. Beauty Works will not accept any liability for hair extensions that have been colored or tinted.


How long do beauty works hair extensions last?

How long do Beauty Works extensions last? Beauty Works is made from 100% human hair and can last up to 3 months depending on aftercare.


Where does beauty works hair extensions come from?


Beauty Works sources raw human hair extensions from all over the world. Beauty Works hair extensions is part of the largest manufacturer of human hair in the world and works with factories both in India and China to manufacture our production line.

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